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Darren Finkelstein is an Accountability Coach, Business Advisor, and Mentor. He’s also known as The Accountability Guy®. Formerly an Executive at Apple Inc., now an Award-Winning Author, the 'Accountability Made Easy' program is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed to meeting all of the business obligations, promises, goals, and commitments you’ve made to yourself and others.
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Benefits of Enrolment

After completing the 'Accountability Made Easy' course you’ll be able to:

☑ Reach your goals faster, take on new projects, and grow your business.
☑ Get Sh!t Done and know how to get others to Get their Sh!t Done too.
☑ Set realistic goals and be held accountable to ensure you achieve them.
☑ Become truly accountable while introducing effective accountability training and systems into your organisation.
☑ Ensure that feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or worried nolonger causes you to miss out on opportunities for growth.

Why your business is stalling and your
‘To-Do List’ never gets to ‘Done’

'Accountability Made Easy'

Using a proven framework and specific strategies this program ensures you and your team are held accountable in a way which is proven to get results.

To understand how, let’s look closer at why you’re struggling to achieve your goals right now:

According to a reputable US study, the probability of completing a goal is:

10% – If you have an actual idea or goal.

25% – If you consciously decide you’ll do it.

40% – If you decide when you will do it.

50% – If you plan how you will do it.

65% – If you commit to someone that you will do it.

95% – If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.

With these percentages in mind, how likely are you to achieve your goals, promises, obligations, and commitments by yourself?

The ‘Accountability Made Easy’ program ensures you and your organisation is placed into the 95% zone where goals are achieved. Your business will predictably move forward every week, month, and year.

Darren Finkelstein, The Accountability Guy®

Darren Finkelstein helps high-performing individuals and teams get results, achieve their wildest dreams, and smash their goals like a cricket bat hitting pinatas. He does this by leveraging over 30 years of experience in the corporate world as well as within small businesses as an entrepreneur.

Darren has built and sold successful businesses and appreciate what it truly takes to succeed. Along the way he’s also written several award-winning and bestselling books, won the prestigious Golden Apple Award during his 10 years as Manager, Commercial Market for Apple Inc. (And yes, he even met Steve Jobs.)

In addition, he was the first back-to-back winner of the Australian ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award for Dent Global.

Darren is known as The Accountability Guy®. Enrol now to learn his secret to success.

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I’ve got a swag of happy clients; here’s what they say…

“Excellent Service. Darren provides just the right amount of encouragement and gentle persuasion. Great to get insights from a successful businessperson.”

Michael Hanrahan and Anna Clemann – Publish Central

“I got lots of good insights, it was great to talk through my plan with Darren. Feeling inspired and motivated to take action. Darren was very open, attentive and asked really thoughtful questions that helped me feel like he was really on my side. Great sessions. Looking forward to working together further!”

Clare Pyers – Pyers Health

“Darren has a way of seeing clearly the pathway that I was unsure of, and laying the practical stepping stones for moving forward.”

Scott Brown – Rural and Remote First Aid

“Discussing my business options and directions with a like-minded individual that has ‘been there, done that’ is fantastic.”

Christian Markgraaff - Neptune Oceanic

Imagine what life and business could look like!

You now have an incredible opportunity to obliterate immobility caused by an unclear, overwhelming workload, get clear on your goals, and actually achieve them.
In a matter of days, you’ll have stopped wandering aimlessly and begun executing like the boss you want to be.
Weeks from now, as more of your goals get knocked over, you’ll uncover new opportunities that would have otherwise stayed hidden for years (or perhaps forever!)
You’ll turn vague dreams into bite-size action plans to be completed without excuses or distractions.
As months’ pass by, you’ll be able to manage bigger, bolder projects with ease, and finally feel on top of your business.
Your To-Do List will be begging for mercy!

Best of all? You’ll stop feeling so overwhelmed, overworked, lost, and trapped, while you begin seeing your business grow via crystal clear clarity and unstoppable confidence.

Great results can happen sooner than you think!

On average ‘Accountability Made Easy’ clients begin to see positive changes in their level of productivity, work/life balance, and bottom line in just weeks.
By following this process, there is also no reason a high achiever can’t become even ​better than they currently are.
Make good on the promises you made to yourself and those who depend on you every day.

Accountability starts and finishes with YOU!

You’re responsible for your own accountability. As humans we’re responsible for things and accountable to people.

You’re the boss and people are depending on you. STOP pissing them off by not doing the things you said you were going to do, and when you promised to do them.

You’ve been held back and have put things off long enough. Don’t let the decision to join today become another item on your growing ‘To-Do List’ that never gets completed. Act now and together we can transform your business quickly and easily!

Professional development is a legitimate and vital business expense. We’ll send you a Tax Invoice and Receipt you can store digitally or print out at tax time.

*Your investment here today is fully protected by my ‘can’t lose’ guarantee:

You’ll receive all of the results promised or we’ll refund every last cent. And Darren will work with you privately for 3 months, so you do finally achieve your goals – for FREE!

You literally cannot fail with The Accountability Guy® in your corner. Let’s get started and kick some goals together! Enter your email now, hit the button, and join today.

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